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Portable oxygen online store? Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator of the smaller portable oxygen concentrators on the market, it is designed for those who need supplemental oxygen and want to maintain their independence and mobility. Oxygen concentrator used in the home, institution, or even in the car since the single battery provides up to three hours of supplemental oxygen, while the double battery can give the user up to six hours. Both can be charged via AC/DC power. Designed to meet the clinical needs of over 85% of patients, this can be carried over the shoulder, hip/belt, or carried in a backpack to allow for maximum portability making this one of the best portable concentrators available.

This concentrator is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability, resisting the bumps and bruises that come along with frequent travel. The sleek design and black coloration make it blend easily into the background for a more discreet oxygenation system. Backlit LCD screen with colored background makes monitoring and changing settings effortless. Continuous and pulse modes can be switched between for versatile use, accommodating a variety of user needs. This concentrator boasts the best battery life in its class with a two-battery configuration that allows you to swap batteries while the machine is still running with no loss of oxygen. Additionally, it performs better in vehicles than most competitors, offering DC run power on all settings, plus run and charge up to 2 LPM continuous and 4 LPM pulse.

The next factor to consider is budget. Not only does the home concentrators have an initial cost, but it will have an ongoing impact on the household electric bill. Much like automobiles, HOCs are constantly becoming more and more energy efficient, and engineers are finding ways to improve their efficiency each year. Unlike POCs, there is no concern about the HOC’s battery life. There is no time spent charging batteries, or finances exhausted on replacement batteries. Because HOCs use the home’s electricity as their power source, the cost will show on the monthly electric bill. The more oxygen the concentrator produces, the more energy it requires. The more energy efficient models may cost more initially, but can save money in the long run. Discover more info on Portable oxygen concentrator.

But how do you know you’re getting the best oxygen concentrator for your specific needs? Take a look at the different features, settings, and benefits of each of our home oxygen concentrators so you can find the perfect fit. If you’re somebody who needs supplementary oxygen throughout each day, Liberty Medical’s got you covered. Learn about the best HOC’s on the market. Design: Weighing a mere 18 pounds, the Inogen at Home is the smallest and lightest home oxygen concentrator out there. It’s sleek and compact design makes it easy to place anywhere in your home.

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